Mandarin Krieger

Espresso Bar Mandarin is located in the foyer of the ETHOS Performance Hall (Krieger Cultural Center).

Guests can enjoy quality coffee and tea beverages, soft drinks, sandwiches, a variety of pastries and salty and sweet snacks before the performance and during recesses.

Special catered events may be held at this location, with catering which is tailored to the nature of the event.

Mandarin Krieger


6 Eliyahu Hachim, Haifa

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Opening hours:

Based on events.

Please check operating hours during holidays

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    We love to host and serve the delicious items on our menu at your events, either at Mandarin or at your home or office.

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    Mandarin’s crema coffee is a unique blend of coffee beans served in Mandarin’s cafes. It combines coffee varieties from select plantations around the world. Our Coffee »