Our Branches

Our first café was in the pastoral back yard of the Carmel Center in Haifa. Without a doubt, this idyllic setting set a high standard when we sought to expand to further locations.

Following the establishment of our flagship branch, it was clear to us that we wanted unique places - such as the Ahuza branch, with its beautiful balcony, the Mandarin Beach branch, situated on the promenade along the beach, the Carmelia Branch, in a classic historical building which has been designated for preservation and the Kiryat Motzkin branch, located in the heart of a cool neighborhood.

We invest much thought in each of our branches and adapt the planning and design to the specific branch and its location, creating a cozy and pleasant home-style atmosphere together with new and innovative design.

  • Our Branches

    It does not matter in what area of Haifa you are now, there is a branch of mandarin next to you. Full list of branches »

  • Events

    We love to host and serve the delicious items on our menu at your events, either at Mandarin or at your home or office.

  • Our Coffee

    Mandarin’s crema coffee is a unique blend of coffee beans served in Mandarin’s cafes. It combines coffee varieties from select plantations around the world. Our Coffee »